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Prayer Line 57-03
57-pl-03, Prayer Line 57-03, 92 min

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57-0226 - Madison Square Garden, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 64 - 85)
L-65 But you are here for sickness. And you are a Christian (That's right.), a borned again Christian. And I see you going from me, years back, and you're suffering with some sort of a nervous condition causing you to have headaches. And that's at least been five or six years back, you've had those. And you got some kind of a trouble in your back. You've got back trouble, and something under the right side. It's a gallbladder trouble.
And I see you somewhere standing, and someone praying for you. You're very low, very sick with something. That was me. And you had cancer, and you were healed with cancer where I was praying for you. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. That's true, isn't it?
Let us pray. Our heavenly Father, we approach Thee in that marvelous, wonderful Name of the Lord Jesus, and with hands laid upon this woman, deliver her, Lord, from all her afflictions and sicknesses. May she be made well from this night henceforth. Amen. God bless you, sister. Have faith; believe with all your heart. [Mark 11:22]
L-66 We are strangers to each other, I suppose. Be real reverent just a moment. If thou canst believe, all things are possible. Now, if the Lord Jesus will let me know what you're here for, will you believe Him with all your heart? You will accept it?
Just a moment. The little lady setting there praying and weeping, with a little red coat on, setting there with your hands up over you, don't weep no more. You've been having spells of passing out, collapsing like. If that's right, raise up your hands? That's right. That's over now.
She touched something. She's thirty feet from me. Is that right? What did she touch? The High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. See? No prayer card, no nothing. Just setting there praying. And I seen someone passing out like, and I looked, and it was a younger woman than this woman. I wondered where it was, and I looked, and there it was coming right across there. And there she is.
Now, do you believe? He's here. God's Word's fulfilled. Now, have faith in God. [Mark 9:23], [Hebrews 4:15], [Mark 11:22]
L-67 Now, little lady, I certainly would not want to stand here as a deceiver. I would want to stand here in some way to try to help you. If the Lord Jesus would let me know what you're here to ask Him... You've come to ask Him something; and if you come to ask Him something, and He will let me know, then He will answer back through me.
Now, if I said, "Little lady, you've come to ask Jesus something; you're going to receive it," and send you on, you'd have a right to doubt that. But when He will come and tell me something that's been in your life or something back down the road that you know that's happened, then you'll know whether that's true or not. Then you'd have faith and know that it was God, that it wasn't Brother Branham, wouldn't you?
You are suffering with a tumor. That's a tumor, and that tumor is in your mouth on the left hand side of the jaw. That's THUS SAITH THE SPIRIT. That's right.
Our heavenly Father, laying hands upon the little lady, I ask that the enemy be taken from her, and she be made well for God's glory. Amen, amen. God bless you, lady. Go believing. You believe, lady, with all your heart?
L-68 Now, be real reverent, real reverent. Get--keep praying. Now, you're doing just wonderful. Set in with God. Just set in with God. Be real quiet. Watch. 'Course if you feel like giving Him praise, certainly do it. God is an object of worship, and God wants to be worshipped. I don't blame you. I worship Him. I scream Him praises at the top of my voice.
But the lady standing here being strange to me, and me not knowing her, but God does and knows all about her...
There's someone in here praying, and I can catch... Oh, it's the lady setting next to the lady there, has arthritis. And that's right. You believe that Christ would heal you, lady? If you can believe, you can receive. Amen. What did she touch? You believe now?
L-69 You have something wrong in the feet. It's an arches like, dropped down. And you're here wanting to ask me a question; and that is, you're wanting me to pray for somebody else. And that person has something like water in the tissues. It's dropsy. And that person doesn't live here. It's in a high place where there's a lot of wind. It's Lubbock, Texas. That's right. You believe? Go and receive just exactly what you asked for, in Jesus' Name.
Howdy, you believe Him? I don't know you, sir, but God does know you. There's something wrong in your bones: cancer in the bone. That's right. You believe me to be God's prophet, or His servant? Mr. Hattan. That's your name. Go home and be well in Jesus Christ's Name, make you... Be made whole. Amen. God bless you...?... Yes. All right, believe now.
All right. You believe with all your heart?
L-70 Just a moment. Oh, He's wonderful. What do you think of that heart trouble? You believe God will heal you of it? The man setting right there... No, the lady with her hands up don't have heart trouble, she has--that lady has arthritis, and she wants to be well of it too. That's right. That right? Uh-huh? Uh-huh. Do you think that digestion would leave you too? Believe God will make you well? You believe it, sir? Believe God will heal you too? Yes, sir. You believe that God would heal you of the heart trouble? Lay your hands on each other along there then. Uh-huh.
Our heavenly Father, that devil has been exposed, and I rebuke it in the Name of the Lord Jesus. May it leave. Amen. Have faith. Just set right in with God, now. Don't doubt. Believe with all your heart.
L-71 You got gallbladder trouble there, praying, haven't you, lady setting right here? Trouble with the liver, gallbladder, colored lady, with your hands up around your face, do you believe that Jesus Christ, God's Son, make you well? You believe that God will make you well and heal you? You do?
You're so nice till your eyes will get well too, if you believe. You had eye trouble, didn't you? If that's right, raise up your hand. You haven't got on glasses, but you had eye trouble. Put your hands on each other.
O God, in Jesus Christ's Name, I rebuke that enemy, and this church rebukes it, that it'll leave these women and come out of them, and they'll be made well. Amen.
You believe? Oh, my, this is it. This is what God wants you to do, is to believe Him.
L-72 You believe, lady? With all your heart? Oh, all right, have faith in God. You have many things wrong with you: got a rupture, stomach trouble, nervousness, something wrong with your hip. That's right. By a fall, hurt your hip. You're a missionary. Correct? Missionary to these Indians. That's right.
You brought this little girl here. You want me to pray for her, for her eyes. That's exactly right. If that's right raise up your hand? You believe? All right, little girl, you believe now with all your heart.
All right, you see what's happened to her fore we looked. She was cross-eyed when she walked up here. I--before I've even prayed her eyes is come straight. Look here. There's her eyes. Look here, sister. Just perfectly normal, without even being prayed for. The Holy Spirit's here. Amen. Go on your road rejoicing, and in Jesus' Name may she receive what she's asked for. Amen. God bless you. You adopted that child now. Believe now. That's right, you've adopted it. See? Yes, sir.
Oh, how wonderful. You believe, lady? I can't heal you, but God can heal TB. And you believe He can? How'd I know who you was or what about you? God knows, doesn't He? Sure, I'd get up and take the old cot, and go home, and believe God, and be healed. Amen.
You believe, lady? Believe God will heal that stomach trouble and make you well? You go home and eat what you want to? In the Name of Jesus Christ may she receive her healing. Amen. Have faith and believe.
L-73 Well, the dear lady's making an effort to get up over there to, for... There she is, on her feet then. Let us say praise the Lord.
You believe, my brother, God will heal you? In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may you receive your healing. Amen. Go thanking God.
Little lady, you believe God will heal arthritis, make you well? Go off the platform just rejoicing and saying, "Praise the Lord." How many here would believe right now, God will heal the whole audience will make you well? God can do all things.
Do you believe? Oh, what a wonderful time. Do you realize that... How many believes that that's the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ permitting this? Then with one accord, with one great time, the Holy Spirit can make every person here well. You believe it? Let's just lay our hands over on each other and pray this prayer together, all of you with me.
Come, sisters, that we might pray for you. That's right. Pray the prayer of faith shall save the sick. God shall raise them up. Oh, the Presence of the Holy Spirit confirming the Word, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. [James 5:15], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-74 O God, our Father, in Jesus' Name, we condemn all sicknesses, and all diseases, and all powers of the devil, and I rebuke the devil. May he come out of this people just now. Go out from them and never bother them no more, in Jesus Christ's Name.
That's right. Are you convinced? Look, right now the Holy Spirit's telling me to stop right now and make that altar call. Right now is the time, while my--His Spirit is moving. This is Bible days. This is the Holy Spirit, beyond any shadow of a doubt.
I want every person that wants to accept Christ for their Saviour, to come right down here just a minute. Give this people this opportunity. Will you come? I want to shake your hand and meet you right here. Come on now. Let's walk right down here at the... Come right here. Get up out of your seat. I want to have a word of prayer with you. Come here. Every sinner that wants to come; move right up here now. That's right. Come right down out of the balconies...?...
L-75 Come right here, son. God bless you, my boy. I want God to make you every whit what he should be. God bless you, young man. Will you come, sir? That's right. Come right on. Come right down. Now, give him time to come from the balconies. Come right on down here, sir, brother. All right. You want to bring this man up here. All right, bring him right up. That's good, brother. All right, sir. All right. Come right on down now. That's right. God bless you.
I come.
Just as... (God bless you my, brother...?... )
was shed for me,
[Brother Branham moves from the microphone--Ed.]
O Lamb of God, I come! I come!
(God bless you, my brother. God bless you, my brother. Just stand right here...?... pray. God bless you, young lady. That's right. Don't be ashamed up here sister, dear. That's the greatest thing you've ever done. God bless this girl...?... Amen. God bless you, sis. Stand right here just a minute while we have prayer. God bless you, my Spanish sister. May God give you what you've asked from Him. God bless you, my sister. God bless you. Come here, sir. God bless you. God bless you, mother. The Lord bless you, my brother, and give you grace and give you the baptism of the Holy Spirit even tonight...?...)
Just as I am, tho' tossed about
With many a conflict, many a doubt,
Fightings and fears within, without,
O Lamb... (Tell the man there not to go away, we want... )
I come! I come!
...healing of the mind,
Yea, all I need, in Thee to find,
O Lamb ( That's right, brother. Come right up. Come right... )
...many a doubt,
Because Thy promise I believe,
(Won't you come down, someone else now? Here... )
I come!
...dark blot,
To Thee...
O Lamb of God, I come! I come!
L-76 There's somebody else come now for the prayer while we're waiting just a moment longer? The Holy Spirit's speaking. Look, friends, the very supernatural Christ is right here. Now, do you see what it means to be led of the Spirit? Look at the sinners come pouring around the altar. See? They are conscious. The Holy Spirit's here. They know that. Just the same thing that tells me what's wrong. It spoke to me, said, "Make that call right now. I have some in here coming." And I stopped right there and did it. See them packing the stretcher away from the lady? Now, the very God that you're accepting, the very One that you're believing on... God bless you, young man...?...
Oh, such a wonderful time, wonderful time. The Holy Spirit's moving right in.
L-77 Will you come right in here, sister dear. I'd just like to shake your hand and ask God to bless you, while we all stand here for the prayer. God bless you, my dear sister. God bless you, my little sister. May He just ever richly bless you. The little Spanish girls here, God bless you, little sister. And the little ladies there. God be with you, sister dear. Just want to s--touch your hand, as I know that He's here. God bless you, sister dear. May He--Spirit be upon you.
Now, isn't it wonderful to know that the Lord Jesus is here? You know what? Way over in the old countries, way down where they don't even know what a newspaper is, the Holy Spirit works the same with them people there, and they have the same actions that they do here. Just think, that the Jesus Christ, God's Son, the One that's going to take us to heaven, is right here now. That's His Spirit moving through us. You say, "Brother Branham, I never seen anything like that." Well, that's the same thing's working in you. That's the Holy Spirit.
L-78 These little ladies standing here, and young men, just as a little teen-age, and this great reckless time that we're living in, to see them come weeping. Oh, you just don't know what--how that pleases the Holy Spirit. That's wonderful.
Now, let us bow our heads just a moment for prayer. Now, to you that's coming here, I want to quote some Scripture to you, you little ladies, and you elderly people, and all together. The Bible said this... You know what you are tonight? You are God's love gift to Christ. Jesus said, "No man can come to Me except the Father draws him first. And all that the Father has given Me will come to Me."
Think what you've done tonight. You have passed, by coming here on this to accept Christ, you've passed from death to Life. Now, if you trust me to be God's servant, if you believe me to be God's... [] That's just what's happened to you. Now, I'm going to quote the Scripture to you. Here's what Jesus said: "He that heareth My words and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life and shall never come to the judgment, but's done passed from death to Life." Think of that. Jesus said that. [John 6:44], [John 6:37], [John 5:24]
L-79 And look, just think of the little ladies in the city tonight. Think of the elderly men in city, the middle-aged women and men, tonight that doesn't have the opportunity that you've had.
God has sent you here, manifested Hisself before you, and you've, with a broken heart, come around the altar weeping. What are you? You are God, Almighty God, you are His love gift that He has chosen you and given you to Jesus Christ tonight. And Jesus loves you so much that He said, "No one man can pluck them from My hand. They're Mine. I'll raise them up at the last day." God promised you that. Every one of you, you've got life because you're standing right here before this audience as a witness that you believe it and accept it.
Now, you that's come here tonight, every one of you around the altar, and will believe and will take Jesus as your Saviour and believe in it, and in the Presence now, you trust my words. Trust me if you can, for discernment... [John 10:29], [John 6:40]
L-80 Like the little lady setting there with the female trouble, just then healed. All right. You believe it? Believe that God made you well? If you do, you can... That's right, you can have it. Amen. It's all over, lady, setting there praying. It's all finished. Have you got a prayer card? You don't have a prayer card? No, no. You don't need one. See you're healed anyhow. Amen.
See there? Now, you know there's something here that tells me that. Is that right? Mark it. See how infallible it is. Now, that same Lord Jesus is here to say this. If you will accept Him tonight as your Saviour and for--ask--ask Him to forgive all your sins...
Now, see, you couldn't have come by yourself. Something's happening. You say, "Brother Branham, what do I have to do now?" Nothing. Just be thankful. See? Look. "All the Father has given Me will come, and no one can come except My Father draws him first." [John 6:37, 44]
L-81 Now, how many of you here, standing here that's repenting, that is willing to say, "I am finished with sin, and from this night on, by the grace of God, I'll live for Jesus Christ," will you raise your hand, just standing around the altar? "I'm finished with sin. I accept Christ as my Saviour." God bless you. Wonderful.
Now, "He that will confess Me before men, him will I confess before My Father and the holy Angels." Is that Word the truth. Then what happened just now? When you made your confession, Christ put your name on the Lamb's Book of Life. You can't perish and He will raise you up at the last day. Now, aren't you happy for that?
Now, let's bow our heads and give Him thanks, and praise Him for what He's done for us. Now, all the rest of you Christians, pray for these here that's just coming to accept Christ. And I believe God will give them the Holy Ghost right here where they're standing. I really believe it, that God will give them the Holy Ghost right here too. All right. Minister brethren, walk up close now, up here close. We want to see God do a great thing here. [John 6:40], [Matthew 10:32]
L-82 Wouldn't you love to have this feeling that all this great Holy Spirit that's here now, that just knows all about you and is telling you in your heart, wonderful. Wouldn't you love for Him just to make His abode in a great baptism and get--come right into your heart and just make you happy and joyful and--and just give you power to overcome the things of the world? Wouldn't you all like to have that right--right here where you're standing? Each one of you? Would you like to have the Holy Spirit, raise up your hands. Each one of you, right here around this... Like to ask... Now, He's here to give it to you.
See you come on confession you believe Him, you pass from death to Life, but now you need the baptism of the Holy Spirit to give you power to overcome and great things to be done. And just watch what happens this week while the revival, and next week. Oh, I believe God's going to do wonderful things. Don't you believe it, church?
L-83 Now, let's just walk up and bow our heads now and give God praise. Everywhere now. Our heavenly Father, with a heart that's just a-jerking for joy, with something down in me that's just letting me know that this is just so pleasing to Thee. Thou hast come down, and going right down these lines and up-and-down these aisles healing the people, and now You've done more than that.
Thou has brought people from death unto Life. There's been a resurrection. These sinners who were once alienated, out in the world without hope, without God, and tonight by the moving of the Holy Spirit, has quickened them, and they've come to life, and they rushed to the altar. I've shook their hands in standing them here and quoting to them Thy infallible Word, which heavens and earth will pass away, but Thy Word shall never pass away. [Matthew 24:35]
L-84 And as I look into the face of this young and old and the middle aged, little girls, and little ladies and little young men, and old men and old women, as they're standing here, some of them coming down the aisle just shaking with--under conviction. Oh, great Holy Spirit, this great, tremendous power of Your Presence. They've accepted You as their Saviour.
Now, I pray God that You'll send down great power from heaven and anchor in their soul the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Grant it, Lord. Just now let something take place, a new child be born, a unction, a power fall upon their hearts just now. And the Holy Ghost set this place to glory and shaking and glorifying and magnifying God. Grant it, Lord. Oh, hear the prayer of your servant. Hear me, Lord, as I pray to Thee and grant these blessings.
L-85 Now, keep your hands up in the air. Put your hands up. Praise Him now. Play for "I will praise Him." Just raise your hands up. Say thank you, Lord, now. That's it. That's it.
I will praise Him!
I will praise Him!
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain:
I'll give Him glory, all ye people,
For His blood can wash away each stain.
Now, you that's around the altar here, you've just come to Christ, you sing it with me now. Come on, every one of you, together now, with your hands up, around the altar here. Every one now, with your hands to Christ, sing this with me now.
I will praise Him!
I will praise Him!
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain:
Give Him glory, all ye people,
For His blood can wash away each stain.

Now, all that's in the building that's been sick and afflicted and would want to accept Him as your Healer, will you stand to your feet? Say, "I will accept Him right now." Amen. Amen.

57-0228 - Madison Square Garden, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 63 - 88)
L-64 Let us pray, lady. Our heavenly Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, bless this dear woman who I bless with all my heart in Your Name, for her desires to be given. Amen. God bless you, mother. Go and don't fear. Have faith and believe.
L-65 Now, be real reverent. If I could remember just right, sir, the lady that just passed, I drew a scene of the Gentiles, or the Samaritans. And a woman come, and was told of what was wrong with her. She's had an immoral life. And when Jesus told her what was wrong with her, well, she recognized that that was the sign of the Messiah. And then, seeing that you are a Christian, you believe that Jesus was Messiah, and is still Messiah, and will always be Messiah. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. [Hebrews 13:8], [Matthew 16:16]
L-66 Then there was a man came to Him one time, and his name was Nathanael. Philip had found him and brought him to the meeting. And when he stood before the Lord, the Lord told him of something that he had done. Something had taken place in his life before he come to that meeting. And what did this Jew say to him? Said, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God." [John 1:42-51]
L-67 Now, the woman, it was told by her, and now as you as a man. If Christ will tell me something... Now, I don't know, you might be here for somebody else, and you might be here for financial, domestics; I--I don't know. You may be sick. I can't tell you. You know I don't know you. But if He will tell me what you're here to see Him for, then I'll be acting as the branch to Him, the Vine. I have no energy of my own. If I don't know you, well that settles it. That--that lets the human part out. But if He will energize, and will let me know what you're here for, then you'll have to admit that it's Him. Then you'll believe. Well may He let me know something that's happened in your life. Then you know whether that's the truth or not.
L-68 Now, if the audience can still here my voice, the man is very conscious that something is going on. I see the man moving from me, and he's in a hospital room or something. He's been operated on about two times. And that was for the stomach, or there was the liver. No, they don't know what it was. They don't know yet, and you're still having your symptoms. That's the truth. If that is, raise up your hand. The reason they can't find it, sir, the doctor can't see spirit. He can only see what he can look at with his eyes, or see with--feel with his hands. But the Holy Ghost is here and knows that it's a devil. Are you willing to surrender yourself to the Spirit that's speaking to you now, the Holy Spirit?
Then God, with this Anointing of the Holy Spirit, which is written in the Bible by our Lord Jesus, these signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover. And I condemn the devil that's tormenting our brother, and may it leave him in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Now, go rejoicing, brother, and be made well for God's glory. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-69 Do you believe with all your heart? Do you believe me to be His servant? Such a confession, then that's easy. Yes, you believe, and you've got a right to believe. You've just recently been healed with arthritis. That was last night in the meeting. You were somewhere in the audience. That's right. Down in there... And you're here tonight standing for somebody else, your brother. And that brother has asthmatic trouble and a heart trouble. Which asthma has strained his heart. That's exactly right. Now, will you take that handkerchief that's in your hands, send it to him, and may he be healed in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. [Acts 19:12]
L-70 If thou canst believe, all things are possible. Does thou believe? You believe, sister? All right. If you'll believe with all your heart, the arthritis will leave you, and won't come back. Will you accept it? All right. [Mark 9:23]
L-71 Yes, you raised up your hand. Kidney trouble will leave you, if you'll believe, out there, with all your heart. You believe it? Amen.
Woman standing here and a man before me, it couldn't be the same. You see? It was coming from there.
You're not here for yourself. You're standing for someone else. I'm not reading your mind. You're aware of that. But if God will reveal to me what you're here for, and who you're here for, or something on that order, you will accept it? You're standing for a relative of your husband. It's a nephew. And he has spells, just falls out like. Your husband needs healing too (Doesn't he?) from that rupture. You believe that God would heal him? All right, then go and receive it in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.
L-72 If thou canst believe. Are you convinced that Jesus Christ has raised from the dead? Now, be real reverent. Don't move around. [Mark 9:23]
L-73 The little thin lady, setting, looking at me there, with the little floweredly dress, she's suffering with complications. She has many things wrong. But she's trying so hard to be healed. That is right, lady. That's right. The complications, just everything's wrong. That's what they told... [] Now, if that's right, raise up your hand. Now, sister, you go on home. It's over, as soon as the meeting's over. Your faith touched Him.
L-74 That thrilled a lady setting right behind you with glasses on, looking at me. Yes, you that turned, looked sideways at the girl, and you all looking together, that gave you a thrill, didn't it, To see that little lady healed? Do you believe God take them headaches away from you? That's what you had, wasn't it?
L-75 The little lady setting next to you with the stomach trouble, she thinks that she could be made healed too. If she'd believe...
Asthma, do you believe it would heal you, sir? You believe that God would heal you of the asthma? If you do, raise up your hand. All right. Amen.
L-76 The little lady with her hands up there from Tallahassee, Florida... That's right. You know how I know? It's the capital. There's a lot of great big oak trees around there, and that's where your from. You got cancer. But you're here to believe that God's going to make you well. Thou canst believe, all things are possible. You believe? [Mark 9:23]
L-77 Little lady setting right down here, praying too. She's got sinus trouble, also got a bladder trouble. She wants God to make her well. If thou canst believe, all things are possible. Do you believe it, lady. With the little, polka-dot dress on like, raise your hand up with a... You believe? Then you can have it. As thou hast believed, so be it unto you. [Mark 9:23]
L-78 Oh, He is wonderful, Jesus, God's Son. Are you believing? Sir, is this the... I suppose we're strangers to each other. Perhaps our first time in life to ever meet. God knows you and He knows me. So now, if I could help you and wouldn't do it, I'd be a brute. I wouldn't be worthy of preaching the Gospel. I'm not anyhow. But it's not my worthiness that I'm standing here. I'm standing here to represent Somebody Who is worthy. I'm not worthy; and no one else is worthy to do it. But I'm only representing Him. And He loves you, and He wants to do something for you. And do you believe that He sent me to help you by Divine... Now, He didn't give me anything to heal you with, because that's already done. He can only give me something to vindicate that I was sent from Him. The audience believe that? Oh, it's wonderful to see Him.
L-79 Be nice to eat again, wouldn't it? Them old ulcers are such an awful thing: stomach ulcers. That's right. I don't know you, never seen you. There's someone else with ulcers too, come in by... Will you believe?
Look here, sir, just a moment. This is our first time meeting. If--if you'll believe with all your heart... Say, by the way, you're not from here. You... I see light blue waters is licking up along a coastline. You live in a coastal state. And you come from the west and north, coming south, coming this a way southeast coming here. You are from California. That's right. And you're from a city called Live Oaks or some--Live Oaks. And if Jesus could tell Peter who he was, do you believe He could tell me who you are? D. A. Vaughan. D. L. Vaughan from Live Oaks, California. Do you believe? Come here.
L-80 O eternal and immortal God, be merciful, our God, unto the needy tonight, and heal those who are so sick. Bless this man who I bless in Thy Name, and may he receive what he has asked for, in Christ' Name. Amen. Believe with all your heart now. Go and be healed.
L-81 We just want to show you something. Heart trouble is a bad thing and a dangerous thing, but Christ lives in our heart. You believe that? All of you out there with heart trouble, raise up your hands, got heart trouble. Look here, see? There's no way of telling just which is which. Stand up on your feet then. Praise be to God. If that evil thing will leave this man, the same God that would heal this man would heal you. Do you believe it? The prayer of faith shall save the sick.
Sister from Lubbock, Texas, believe that now. [James 5:15]
L-82 Let us pray. O eternal, immortal God, I pray Thee to be merciful unto these who are standing now. And I pray that You'll cast away the evil from them, and may the Holy Spirit just now do a work in the hearts of these people that will finish it. Then they may be completely healed and go from this building tonight, rejoicing and shouting the praises of the Lord. I ask it in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
L-83 God bless you, brother. God bless every one of you. Go with faith, believing, and believe that God will do it. And the asthma will leave too, brother. Just as you set down, or raised up from the chair... Everybody that's got asthma, stand to your feet. Stand to your feet, everyone that suffers with asthmatic. Here's the time that you'll see God do a great thing. Come here, brother.
O eternal, everlasting God, Who raised up the Lord Jesus, and is here tonight. Satan, you're exposed. You are defeated. You've been defeated two thousand years. The people is just now finding out. Come out of these people, thou spirit of asthma. In Jesus' Name we challenge thee by the faith of the resurrection. Amen. The Lord bless you, brother. May it never bother you again.
L-84 You walked a lot different when you raised up then. If you'll believe with all your heart, you'll never have to turn sideways to get off the street no more, or get out of the bed with arthritis. God will have you well. You believe it? It's gone now, so just go on your road rejoicing and thanking God.
L-85 A lady's trouble, female disorder, God can heal that the same as He can heal anything else. All the ladies that's suffering with this lady's trouble, stand to your feet just now to be healed by this prayer. Oh, here's the way to get people healed.
How many was standing up a few moments ago, feel you're healed, raise your hands. You that stood up since we've been... Just look. It's the work of God.
L-86 O eternal and blessed Father, we bring this persons into Thy Presence now, by the way of prayer. Holding them there in the Name of Jesus. And we condemn the enemy that's making our sisters suffer. Leave them, Satan, and come out, in the Name of Jesus Christ, God's Son. Amen. God bless you, lady. Now, go. Now, don't think so. It's a drainage there, but I did...?... That's the reason I rebuked it.
L-87 Oh, are you happy? Are you satisfied the God of heaven still sends gifts to the earth? God of heaven has vindicated His Word, that He raised up His Son, Jesus, and He's right here now. He's present. And He can make every person in here completely well, right now, if you'll believe it. Would you accept it? How many would believe it? Just remain with your hands up. Now, raise your head up towards heaven. In the prayer line too, raise your hands up.
L-88 Now, if you have trusted me to be the servant of the Lord, and I have preached to you the Bible, and it is the truth, for Christ has come down and permitted me to prove to you that He is here, and living, and raised from the dead; then hear me speak the solemn truth. "He was wounded for your transgressions. With His stripes you were healed." You've got the power in you, if you've got the faith to exercise it. Do you believe it?
Satan, leave this audience, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Come out of this people, in Christ's Name.
Stand to your feet. Give God praise. Just raise to your feet and give Him praise. I believe every one of you is healed. Give God praise and glory. Amen. All right, brother...?... [Isaiah 53:5]

57-0301 - Madison Square Garden, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 39 - 70)
L-40 Now, how many would like to have lived in Bible days, let's see your hands, back when Jesus was here? Sure we would. Then if Jesus is alive, is He still here? Then it's still the Bible days. Then if He is the same, He's the same in principle, power, and all, all but a corporal body.
Now, here stands a woman, and I a man. I guess we're strangers to each other, lady? We are? We do not know each other. Now, here's a woman that's a stranger to me. You all may know her. Many of you may know her. Is there anybody out there knows the woman, raise up your hand, anybody in the meetings? Yeah, I see. Yeah, that's right. All right.
Now, you know her. I don't. But then for me to know anything of her, why it's impossible. And the only way I could do it, would be because that Christ would permit it to be done. Is that right? Now, what if He was standing here before the woman, and He would... If she wants healing for herself, or whatever she wants, He would tell her that He died on Calvary to give her, her desire. His life has done been brought, shed, His Blood shed and everything, and the Holy Spirit is here to give her, her desire.
L-41 Now, if the Lord Jesus will do right here tonight in this same platform, as He did at the well of Samaria, talk to that woman till He found where her trouble was, and told her what her trouble was, and she said that was the sign of the Messiah... How many knows that's the truth in the Bible, Saint John the 4th chapter?
Well then, if He will return... He's the Vine now; we are the branches now. And if He will return and do the same thing to this woman, will all of you believe Him with all your heart?
Looky here. I don't believe in swearing. The Bible said not to swear by heaven nor by the earth or nothing. But with this Bible in my hand, and God my Judge, as far as I know this is the first time in my life I ever seen the woman. And is perhaps maybe her first time ever seeing me, or either 'less you seen me from the audience. Is that about right? From the audience, the first time you've ever seen me. This is the first time the woman's ever seen me. All right. [John 15:5], [Matthew 5:34]
L-42 Now, if I can talk to her and God will come back and do through His Church tonight, the same thing He did then, it ought to settle it forever for every one of you. Is that right? It ought to settle it forever.
Now, sister, I, just a word to say to you, in the order that after being preaching and tired as I am, I just here to try help you. And without me knowing anything of you, but surely you come here for some cause. And if God will let me know, you be the judge; if God will let me know what you're here for, will you believe Him and will believe that He's going to give you what you come for? The audience has done said they would.
Now, I want to ask you something. Just a second ago, a different feeling come to you, that you knowed that Something is present here beside your brother. A real sweet humble feeling's come to you. Why? I saw that Light come right down over you. And that's what it is.
L-43 How many saw the picture of that, let's see your hands? I think they got some here. They should have. It's in Washington, DC, copyrighted. Now, that's what it is. God's ho--yes, there, the lady has one right there.
The Angel of the Lord Who led the children of Israel, Jesus Christ, the Angel of the Covenant, that struck that lady just now. She be witness. Something come to her as she just witnessed. Such a feeling, it even brought tears to your eyes. Now, that's Him.
And now, if you believe that, then it will work. Now, if the audience can still hear my voice... The woman seems to be leaving me, and I see her all upset about something. She's real, extremely nervous. That is the truth. Raise your hand if that's true.
L-44 Now, just a moment. You are... You've got something wrong physically with you, which is in your back. You've got a spine trouble that's bothering you. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. That is true. Now, do you believe? There's the lady. Some power did that.
Now, really right now, I don't know what I said to the woman. You heard somebody speaking, but that wasn't me. I don't know her. Ever what said, was the truth. That's something else talking through you. You get what I mean? Now, to you ministers. Don't you believe it's Christ speaking through you when you're preaching the Word? Sure. Well, that's--that oughtn't to be strange to you. It's Christ speaking right back through another type of gift, a prophetic gift.
Now, here the lady stands here. Whatever was told her is the truth. Now, that's the same picture that there was at the well of Samaria. How many believes that's the truth? All right.
Then that proves that He's alive. Our religion is not in vain. The Christian religion is the only one who could prove that their Founder is alive; and that's Jesus. Now, to heal the woman, if that's what she needs, I couldn't do it. But do you believe yet you will receive what you ask for? You'll believe it? Knowing that you believe that you receive it...
L-45 Now, what... Just a moment. Somebody appeared in a vision by the side of the woman. She isn't exactly satisfied yet. There's something else that she's got on her heart, for the Holy Spirit just spoke to me that that's so. Isn't it right? And I see somebody in a uniform. It's your son. You're praying for him, and he's unsaved. That's right. If that's right raise up your hand? Now, look at that. Do you believe now with all your heart? Let us pray.
O Jesus, Thou Son of God, be merciful to this audience and myself tonight, and shed forth the Holy Spirit that'll drive every gloomy doubt out of the building. And may the power of God be preeminence tonight and have the initiative. And may It drive away every doubt and skeptic, and may He heal all that's sick and needy tonight.
Bless this dear woman, and give to her every thing that's in her heart in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. May He grant it.
Now, as far as that is concerned, it's a settled fact. Is that right? Jesus said, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." [Mark 9:23]
L-46 What are you thinking, little Spanish man, sitting out there with that asthma, setting on the end of the seat. You believe that Jesus Christ make you well. Well, you're healed then. Amen.
Now, the man is thirty or forty feet from me, but let me ask you something. And you listen to the man. The man was setting there within his heart, saying, "I believe that that's the truth." He was witnessing that this was the truth, and believing that God would heal him. Isn't that right, sir? The little Span... Raise your hand. Is that right?
Now, did Jesus perceive their thoughts? Is that right? Did the woman touch His garment? Did blind Bartimaeus touch Him? That man touched Him. And He's alive here tonight. He's right here, now.
Oh, why can we be so dense? Oh, we have just been drug through this, and drug through that, and drug through everything until honest, the poor little people can't understand what to believe. There's been so many things taken place, just this, saying this, that Dr. So-and-so says this, and Dr. So-and-so says that, and this church says this, and this other one says that. The people don't even know what to believe. But, brother, the Bible is concerned and It is the truth. Amen.
L-47 Now, believe. Now, little lady, bless your heart. In your face you favor my mother, and she wears little glasses like that. And if I could do anything for you, God in heaven knows I would do it, sister. But I--I can't, because I--I'm just a man. But if God will tell me what you come here for, what you want to ask Him, and God will let me know what you want to ask Him, will you believe that He will give you what you're asking for? May God grant it.
You're here to ask Him to take a tumor from you. That's right? If God will tell me where that tumor is, will you--make you a little more faith. It's on your back, called a skin tumors. That's what He said. All right. Believe it now, and be healed. In Jesus' Name, may it be so. Amen. God bless you, sister, and make you every whit whole.
L-48 You're trying to believe, brother. If you'll keep that up, He will heal you. See? Now, just don't think that you're an impossible case. You'd have had it setting right here the other night. And the Light followed you plumb down the aisle and had you called back, but the mix-up come. Keep believing. When I see it, I'll tell you.
How do you do, sir? Do you believe on the Lord Jesus with all your heart? Do you believe that He has raised from the dead, and come back in the Church in Spirit form, called the Holy Ghost? And through this Holy Spirit... Which the world can't kill It; they can grieve It, but he can't kill it. When He was in human body, they could kill that, and they did. They got away with Him. But they can't kill the Spirit. It's immortal. And God will do His work. He's determined to do it. And now, if God will tell me what you're here to ask me about, will you believe it with all your heart?
L-49 That's right, sir, that bowed your head. Headaches, throat trouble, little Mexican brother, if you'll believe with all your heart, you can ask what you... You believe it? The little Mexican boy sitting right there next to you, sir, is where it happened. That's the... Yo... You, right there. Yes, sir. All right. It's over now. You can go home and be made well. God bless you.
Now, what did that? I seen here something standing here. And the man was holding to his throat, the vision. And I seen this man wasn't Spanish. And I just followed the leading of the Spirit. I looked and there hung the Light hanging right over the man. Then the vision broke. There it is.
L-50 Now, the Bible said in the Hebrews chapter, or the Hebrew letter, that He's a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. Is that right? Well, what happened to that man? He never touched me. But he touched something. And the Bible said that He was a High Priest. Now, He's to make intercessions upon His confession now. Is that right? Isn't He wonderful?
Now, the man here... Now, do you believe, sir, you say? I see there's been something, a doctor associated in this case. It was something behind your left ear, on your neck. It was a wart. And he burnt it off. It come back as a growth. Exactly right.
It hid from me. I couldn't see it, 'cause you been that way. How would I know what happened? You believe with all your heart that God will make you well, heal your wife too, and make her well? Arthritis and a throat trouble. That's right, isn't it? All right, sir. And you believe with all your heart. Well, Mr. Earnest Wells, you can go be healed.
I never seen you in my life, knowed you or nothing, but that's true, isn't it? That's exactly. Go right ahead now. The same God that knowed who Peter was, and who his daddy was, and all about him, knows you. Go and be well in Christ's Name. [Hebrews 4:15], [Hebrews 4:14-16]
L-51 You believing? Are you setting Him with all your heart? Are you having faith?
How do you do, lady? Of course, we're strangers to each other. I--I don't know you. I've never seen you in my life. We're just perfectly total strangers.
Got heart trouble, don't you, lady, and female trouble, the young lady setting there. That's the little boy setting next to you, is your son. You believe me to be God's prophet? You believe that God would heal him of asthma, make him well?
Now, the lady setting next to you is your mother. There's three generations setting there. And you have trouble with your leg, don't you, lady? All right put your hands... Sonny, you put your hands on mother and grandmother.
O kind heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may this audience be conscious, Lord, that it's You. These people setting here... Oh, it's the living Lord Jesus. Grant, Lord, their healing, for the glory of God. In Christ's Name we pray. Amen.
L-52 Yes, it's true, your faith is touching out in there. Right now, it's just everywhere. But getting through that crowd... That's the reason when I get in here before me, it's much better. See, getting to the place...
There's a certain lady looking at me is fixing to have, or supposed to have an operation for stomach ulcer. But if they'd believe with all your heart, sister, you wouldn't have to have it. That's right. You believe with all your heart? Believe Jesus will make you well? You touched something, didn't you? It wasn't--it wasn't me, 'cause I don't know you. You believe now.
Lady, you're--you got trouble in your side. That's right. But that never hit the spot when I said that. It wasn't the main thing that you want me to pray for. But that is true. But if God will tell me what you want me to pray for, then will you believe and accept it?
It's for your husband. And he's in the hospital, and up for a prostate operation. Now, do you believe me? Then, Lord God, give to her the desire of her heart. I pray in it Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister.
L-53 Such wonderful faith, if you could just get through that blackness. I wish I could explain this. I know people here in these tourist towns are victims of everything. See? But if I could only let you know that I wasn't a fanatic. And you would see that Christ is proving that to you. I'm trying to put you on the Word. Go to any church you want to, but be a Christian and believe God. What's your little differences, that doesn't matter.
If that little gloom, that little shadow that I look at of darkness in the room, if that would only leave here, some way we could get that away from here, there wouldn't be a feeble person in the building in one minute from now.
You believe? You should; you just been healed. That was down in the audience. Some kind of a spells that had come on you. That's right. You're here for somebody else: a hospital case, something in the stomach like pancreas. They can't even operate. Well, go take that handkerchief to Mrs. Adkins and tell her if she can believe the Lord will make her well. Amen. God grant it. [Acts 19:12]
L-54 Are you believing? If thou canst believe, all things are possible. Lady, if you'd believe God, you wouldn't have to be operated on, and that tumor would go away without your operation. You believe it? All right. Go and receive it in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
All right. Bring the next patient. Now, somebody is thinking I'm reading the peoples mind, but you're wrong. Here, lay your hand on mine, lady. That's just a point of contact. I'll look this a way. You be the judge. If God will tell me, looking this way, not looking at your face, or as someone's thinking it's telepathy, would... If God will explain to me and tell me what you're here to be prayed for, will you accept it? If you will raise your hand off of mine. All right. Now, put it back. You could go eat your supper now; your stomach trouble would be gone. Amen.
Now, you--anybody that's mentally right knows that that's not telepathy. It's the Lord Jesus. Have faith in God. [Mark 9:23]
L-55 And now, lady, if you'd believe with all your heart, the asthmatic condition would leave you and you'd be well. Do you believe it? All right. Then go and believe with all your heart. Amen. That's...
All right. Heart trouble would leave you, if you'd believe. Will you do it? Believe that God will make you well? Then in Christ's Name may you be healed. Amen. Have faith.
Troubles in your back, but God can heal kidney trouble or anything. You believe that? Then go and receive it in Jesus' Name.
Oh, do you love Him? How many loves Him with all your heart? Oh, this could go for hours. But why not let's be healed. The Presence of the Lord is here to heal the sick. Do you believe it? How many is convinced that Christ Jesus is here?
L-56 What if I told you, lady, you was well, would you believe me? Glory, well, God bless you and go and be made well. [The sister speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] I remember it. God bless you, sister.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." How many believes that the Lord Jesus is here? Let's just bow our heads just a moment. Just stay right where you are till we pray.
Now, heavenly Father, we realize that these things are for signs. For one thing, the greatest sign that I could place this gift to tonight, is to show forth that You're soon coming.
These things never happen, down through the age since Jesus was here on earth and the apostles, until this age. Why is it? It's the end of time. We see rockets in the air. Day after day we see the handwriting on the wall.
And here You are tonight right here in this little wrestling arena, brought Yourself from heaven here to comb this audience to show that You're alive. O God, how our cold and indifferent hearts is. We pray that You'll soften us up tonight, that the people that's here can see that You're present.
And while Your Anointing is here, and while You have Your servant anointed, I pray God that You'll save every sinner in the building. Grant it for Jesus' sake.
L-57 And while we have our heads bowed, to you here who is not right with God, I wonder if you would believe in my prayers, and would come here tonight, and stand here, and let me put my hand on you now while the Anointing of the Holy Spirit is in the building, and offer prayer for you, and you accept the Lord Jesus as your Saviour. Will you come? I invite you. Would you raise your hand then, and say, "Brother Branham, pray for me."
God bless you there, sinner friend. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you up in the balconies. That's right. Up in this side... Won't you come right here just a moment? Come here. If you believe me, come here. God will take every sin stain away and make you as white as snow, while we stop this prayer line just a minute.
L-58 The Holy Spirit here, come here Carl... Brother, God bless you. Come here, my brother. Stand right here, my brother. Stand right here, my brother, and God bless you. Come here, my dear one. Stand right here, my brother. Come right down. That's right, lady.
You that raised your hands back there, raise right up, come here. Come down out of the balcony, we'll wait for you. I want you to come right here, right here. God bless you, sister. Come right down here. O God, be merciful to you, sister. Come right here, brother. That's good.
God bless you, young man. Convinced that the Lord Jesus is here. God bless you, my brother. Stand right here. God bless you, young man. You're a great gallant move. Stand right here, sonny boy. God bless you, sister, and stand right here just a moment.
L-59 Jesus Christ... God bless you. I certainly... God bless you, sister. Come here, Spanish sister. God be with you, sister dear. Stand right here. That's right. God bless you, my brother. Stand right here. That's good.
Come down now. Make your way on down to the altar. This is the--the Holy Spirit. If you believe, come here now, lady. God bless you, sister. Come right up here just a little closer. I believe that God in is His Holy Spirit... God bless you, sir. God be merciful.
You stand right here just a minute, yes, sir. Come right here, sister dear. God be merciful to you, sister. Come right in here, my sister. God bless you. I--I just know that... God bless you, sister dear. Well, God bless you. Come here, sister. God bless you, sister. All right.
L-60 Come right down in here, sister. Let these ladies in here now that's trying to come to get in. They want, coming for their salvation. God bless you, sister dear. God bless you, sister. God bless you, my brother. Stand right here. Come right in here, brother.
Won't you stand right here just a moment. Come right in here, my brother. I just want to shake your hand. You say, "That do any good?" Certainly it will. God bless you, brother dear. Come right in here, my Spanish brother, right in here. Come around, little boy. Right here we're only happy to have each one of you here.
God bless you, brother. God bless you, my sister. Now, bring the little boys here. Was you coming, sonny, up here? Come here then. Let the little boy... You just stay right here. Tell the lady stay right here just a minute. We're go to prayer. God bless you. God bless you, honey boy. That's a real gallant thing.
L-61 Ladies, you here, the Spanish ladies, come here just a moment. We are going to have prayer. I want you to stand here a minute. Would there be another one? Let's real quietly now, sing the song:
Just as I am, without one plea,
But that Thy blood was shed for me,
And that (Huh?) [Someone speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.]
come to Thee,
O Lamb of God, I come! I come!
Real reverent now. Listen.
Just as I am...

Just sing, while it's playing and you're humming. While much... What a wonderful appropriated time. The Lamb of God right here at the platform, moving out over the audience, doing signs and wonders... Right in the middle of this prayer line, something stopped me, said, "Call, there's sinners must come home tonight." And here they are. See? Obedience is better than sacrifice, isn't it? Obedience is the best. And here they are. [I Samuel 15:22]
L-62 Would there be others, which there probably is. Every one of you, come right up here now, we're fixing to pray. Come up here, all ye that need Christ, all ye that are la--laden and heavy laden.
Look, you could be healed. That's true. God has healed you, but, brother, you'll get sick again, and you're going to die someday. But this soul that's in you is immortal. Get that right. Get that straightened out first.
God bless you, sister dear. Come right on up here close. And the Lord bless you. Now, is there another? Would you come on? Is there more in here? Move right out and come right on down, will you? I'm just waiting. Others are coming. Just as I am.
Come here, young man. God bless you, sonny. Come right down. Just want to shake your hand, sister. I want to shake this little boy's hand. Stay right here, sonny boy. Come right down, sisters. That's right. Come right down here. Just as I am. Let the audience pray, "O God, be merciful."
L-63 God bless you, sister dear. The Lord bless you, dear. The Lord bless you, sister dear. God be merciful now. I want to just touch this lady's hand. God bless you, sister. Come right down. That's right. God bless you. I'll get right over here at the other end.
Just as I am, and waiting not,
To rid my soul of one dark blot...

If you're a church member and has never been borned again, why don't you come down, get rid of that one dark blot. That's the blot that'll keep you out of heaven. That's the blot that stands in your way. Why don't you come down?
Now, I'm not making much of a strain, 'cause I know the Holy Spirit is here. And anybody that's intelligent will know the same thing, to see the way He's working. See? But what is it? We get ourselves so cold, and so indifferent, and away, and all mixed up. Oh, we want that thing away so we'll all together, one unit of people and we're trying to help one another, to live forever in heaven together. And the very God of heaven is right here with us now. He's here doing this.
L-64 Is there more would come while we sing one more time, "Just As I Am, Without One Plea." Will you come now, just as we sing?
Just as (Christians pray.) I am, without one plea,
But that Thy blood was shed for me,
And that Thou bidd'st me come to Thee,
O Lamb of God, I come! I come!

[Brother Branham begins humming--Ed.] I'm going to ask the ministers, whoever they are, the minister brothers, cooperating pastors, whoever you are, get right around here now, and stand right with us while we're going to pray for these people. Your... Your workers here now... Very sacred time, everyone be just as reverent as you can now.
Sinner, if you happen to be setting by one of these who's getting up, you come right along with them. These souls mean so much.
Now, just move right up around where they're at as close as you can now, so we can put hands on them and pray for them. That's right. That's right. Everybody real reverent. Now, please be just quiet for a few minutes now.
L-65 You've come solemnly upon the confession of your faith in the Lord Jesus, the very living God Who has raised from the dead and is here tonight, beyond any shadow of doubt showing what He is, that He is alive forever more... And you're confessing your faith in Him.
Now, Jesus said these words. I'm quoting His words, "He that heareth My words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life, and shall not come into judgment, but's passed from death to Life. No one can come to Me..." Jesus said, "No one--no man can come to Me, except My Father draws him first."
It was God that brought you out of your seat and brought you here. "No man can come to Me, except My Father draws him first, and all that comes to Me, I'll give him Everlasting Life and raise him up at the last day." That's the Word. That's what God said. Now, He wants to do this. And He's given you life. What a privilege. [John 5:24], [John 6:44]
L-66 There's people that got up and went out, that I seen the Spirit of God dealing with, may never have another chance. See? That's right. I seen one certain person setting to my left that left tonight. I don't know. I'm not the judge, but I believe it was the last call. See? I--I--I... The Anointing of the Holy Spirit is on me. That--that's right. I'm know what I'm speaking of.
Now, we're here for the salvation of souls and for the healing of the sick. Now, I want everyone to bow your head, if you will. I want these here at the altar, as they bow their head... I got this woman to pray for. Do you believe now, sister?
O Jesus, Thou Son of the living God, be merciful to her and heal her in Jesus' Name. Amen. I believe He's healed...?... Go and God...?... Your mother, will you believe that...?... and your chest all choked up. See? Just so that you'd know that the Anointing was still here (You see?), to tell you what's wrong with you.
Now, God can heal you and make you well of it. You--you believe? All right, it's over now. God bless you. Just go thanking God, praising Him.
L-67 Now, just that you might know that the Holy Spirit's still here, the Anointing is here. Now, let's all bow our heads real reverent before Him, the Maker of heavens and earth.
Now, kind Lord Jesus, our merciful Saviour, it is indeed with a surrendered heart that we bow in Your Presence. And these people who are standing here at the altar tonight are those who that You have brought up out of the dust of the earth. You put a spirit in them, a spirit of free moral agency, to make a choice to receive Life or to refuse Life.
And tonight, even though after the preaching of the Word, then to see Your Presence come down, and You know all things, and You explained all things, and You showed them all things; and You showed them their conditions. And then by accepting that, they walked up here to the altar, reverently, bowing their heads to the dust of the earth, where You brought them from, and where if You tarry, they must return.
L-68 They're sorry for their sins. And I am praying sincerely as a--as a intercessor, as one who loves them, as a minister of the Gospel, who would pray for those who are needy. I pray that You'll expel off of the--the book, every sin that they have committed. May it be gone, and may the great ink remover of the Blood of the Lord Jesus clean every page tonight.
And may by the Blood, You write their name indelibly upon the Book of Life, and may they be saved right now as they are confessing their sins. Thou has said in Your Word, "He that will come to Me, I will in no wise cast out." Here's little boys, little girls, the middle-aged, the old; they're all alike standing here, knowing that we all come from the earth.
And I pray, heavenly Father, that You will bless them. And as believing that their sins are forgiven, I pray that You'll give them the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Oh, the seal of promise, may they now receive It. [John 6:37]
L-69 And may they find a good church home here in Phoenix somewhere, or wherever they're from. May they live long, happy, peaceful lives. And in the last days when Jesus comes, and it may be tomorrow, may they be found worthy under the shed Blood to go up in the rapture to meet Him. Grant it, Father, in Jesus' Name.
And then, Lord, I pray for those who are here that's sick, those who are needy, every one that's setting in Divine Presence, or standing, whatever position they may be in. May the Holy Ghost just now, speak down into their hearts and saying, "Can you now believe and accept Me as your sin bearer and as your Healer?" Grant it, Lord. I pray in Jesus' Name.
And now, while we have our heads bowed, every one reverent, I want you to reach over with your hand and lay it on somebody that's setting next to you and just start saying, "Jesus, heal them. Jesus, make them well." And when you're praying for them, God will heal you. "Jesus, make them well."
L-70 And these here now, who have confessed Christ, publicly here before this audience, I want you to raise your hands and ask God to fill you with the Holy Ghost just now and give you the baptism. And now, as all together, let's raise our hands now to God in one great prayer.
O God, all sufficient God, the present I AM, not the I was, I AM, Who's here tonight, alive, and proving Yourself, may the Holy Ghost fall in this building just now and baptize every one of these believers into the Kingdom of God.
And may also, every sick person, be healed. Satan, you are defeated. In Jesus' Name leave the building and come out of the people.
Thanks be to God for the victory in the Lord Jesus. Now, give Him praise, thank Him, and believe that you receive it and you shall have it in Christ's Name.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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